5 Benefits to Adding a Pool Heater

5 Benefits to Adding a Pool Heater
Benefits to Pool Heaters

Pool Heaters from Watercrafters

We are fortunate as Marylanders to live in an area where we can enjoy all four seasons and pretty, mild seasons, usually. However, we do have a summer pool season, and one way to fully enjoy your pool is to invest in a heater. There are numerous benefits to having a pool heater.

Make the most of your investment. Your pool is a valuable investment adding worth to your home, and a heater for your pool will add even more. With generally low maintenance and upkeep you can enjoy more time and warmth when you want it with family and friends. Also, occasional service on your pool equipment will ensure the longevity and joy you will receive.

No matter what your age, swimming is one of the best low-impact aerobic exercises that is easy on your joints. Heating your pool adds better protection against stiffness and aches that may sometimes be exacerbated by cold water. Increasing your water temperature with a pool heater, you can soothe your muscles and relax in warmer water!

As temperature changes throughout the seasons the pool water fluctuates. You may be stepping in water that is too cold to enjoy. With the cooler evenings you can set the heater to allow for more comfort when you are ready to jump in. With the right heater, you can enjoy your pool an additional two months of the year which is a worthy investment.

With a heated pool you can usually keep your pool at a constant temperature, therefore, you do not need to worry about the fluctuating air temperature between night and day. This is very exciting for those that like to enjoy nighttime pool parties and/or swims. Turn on the pool lights, pump up your Bluetooth speakers and enjoy your evening!

Warmer pool water certainly helps entice your family to spend time together swimming, exercising, and having some pool time fun. Even if the air temperature is not as comfortable—jump in and enjoy the tranquil pool water.

Watercrafters offers energy efficient electric heat pumps and gas heaters for your pool. Our team has certified experts for pool maintenance, repairs, and equipment installations. We can easily remove, install, and relocate your equipment and service all your pool needs. With a beautiful, large showroom in Gaithersburg, MD, you can see and discuss the equipment and supplies needed for your pool. We also, have a huge warehouse full of parts in-stock for your pool and equipment. Call us today to discuss your needs at 301-948-8111!

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