Spring Pool Opening

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  1. EXTENDED POOL SEASON: Get the most out of your pool! Opening your pool in March could offer you up to 8 months of swimming.
  1. CLEARER OPENING ODDS-FIGHT THE ALGAE: Start off the season right by staying ahead with a clearer pool. The longer you wait to open your pool the more likely the winter chemicals have burned off, and warm, uncirculated water can be an algae haven.
  1. MENTAL COMFORT & IMPROVED AESTHETIC: Your closed pool and surrounding area can be a sad sight for months. By beating Mother Nature to the punch and opening early, you can get a jump on the spring fever with your outdoor oasis flourishing and ready to use.
  1. POLLEN: Even with a cover on, pollen can build up which results in a pool that takes more time and money to correct and clean up.
  1. SAVE MONEY: It is a misconception that opening early creates substantial operating cost increases. The costs to run your pool the extra month or so on average is less than opening a pool that has turned green or yellow. Having to run the filters harder and with more chemicals to help bring it back to health can be up to double the cost, and more strain on pool equipment.
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