As a Platinum BioGuard® Dealer we make pool care brilliant with the Bioguard® TruBlue Promise™. Test and Balance your water as recommended by our staff. They are trained annually and able to provide you with the latest technologies to make pool care easier. You will “never miss a moment”  due to cloudy water or algae, that is the Tru•Blue promise.

The BioGuard 3-Step Maintenance Program is a proven system to protect your investment and keep your pool looking better with less effort. BioGuard® is the better way to blue.

Sanitize Your Water

Because BioGuard SilkGuard Sticks are stabilized chlorines, they aren’t as susceptible to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The chlorine stays in the water longer. They dissolve slowly, releasing the right amount of chlorine into the water to give you 24-hour bacteria prevention. And the patented Silk technology makes the water feel better while protecting your pool with anti-corrosives and scale preventatives.

Restore Sparkle

Regular shock treatments are the most reliable way to keep your water looking its best. Contaminents from the environment, source water and poor quality chemicals can cause cloudy and dull water. Give your water back that sparkle by removing those compounds. BioGuard Smart Shock and BurnOut73 will oxidize out contaminants and restore water clarity.

Prevent Algae Growth

At first, algae growth is invisible to the naked eye. By the time you see them, it’s too late. You have a problem. The third and final step stops algae before it starts. Back Up was specially designed to work with stabilized chlorine. It works even better as the water warms. (For pools with attached spas, use non-foaming Algae All 60 to prevent algae growth.)