Customer Reviews

Watercrafters takes pride in providing 100% customer satisfaction, and we appreciate hearing about your experience with us. Please take a few minutes to browse through our customer reviews to see what some of our clients have said about their experience with Watercrafters.

New pool user and the staff at this location are super friendly and helpful. They explained everything, showed to me what I needed to use and even the amounts to be used base on the size of my pool based on the result of the water test.

After almost 17 years, we finally needed to repair cracks, re-plaster and replace coping/tile. We also had a section of the pool deck that had a serious settlement crack. We had four estimates including Watercrafters, all relatively close in price. Brian the renovations manager at Watercrafters seemed the most knowledgeable and I just felt more comfortable doing business with him, plus having a reputable storefront behind him even more so. After using Watercrafters for their always free water testing/advice, and chemicals supplies for many years, I am very happy we chose them for the renovation. Even in this post-pandemic crazy supply chain world, Brian pushed ordering/scheduling so that we would be able to open the same time as usual. He always communicated well, either by email or cellphone. His crews are amazing. The coping and tile came out beautiful. And the store's expert team helped me through post renovation water testing and balancing. Highly recommend them for everything from renovations to keeping your water clear!

Ron R.

People are friendly, knowledgeable, and no pressure on sales. I don't own a pool, but my friend did, so I've been in a few times with him. Seems to be a good range of products available, and if they're out of something you want they can probably order it for you.

David C.

They do a great job of servicing their customers in a timely manner. Clean store. Knowledgeable staff. Very friendly and informative.

Nancy K.

Outstanding customer service! Many thanks to Mike patiently listen to my concerns about my pool, and addressed all of them. The store is very organized also the associates are well trained and have the knowledge.

Anisa F.

Always a good experience, with employees providing excellent explana8 and directions to keep your pool healthy and clean.

George R.

After not opening the pool last season we had a frog sanctuary. Watercrafters helped us get back to crystal clear water through product recommendations, a couple of service calls, and general know how. Happy to use them again and again, and a special thank you to Stephanie and Frank for your extremely helpful recommendations.

Alex H.

Best pool equipment and services in the Gaithersburg area. I've been working with them for over 10 years.

Roberto L.

(Translated by Google) They have everything for the maintenance of your pools (Original) Tienen de todo para el mantenimiento de su piscinas

Romualdo B.

I have been a customer of Watercrafters for over 10 years. Customer service is terrific, products are fairly priced. Winter sales help me save money for the summer season. When I have water problems the take the time to explain the problem and educate me to avoid any future issues.

David W.

Fun store with quality products. Michael in the store is wonderful! My interactions with their service department have always been A+.

Anjeli G.

Great retail store with wonderful staff. Always helpful and they don't try and sell you stuff you don't need (unlike other competitors in the area that I've experienced). The service department is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The office staff go the extra mile and only schedule appointments if absolutely necessary, which is very refreshing. Highly recommended!

S. Michael L.

Great products, great customer service, great ownership. I live in Baltimore and choose to go to this pool supply company vs others. Their product is great.

Sarah S.

I'm so glad I could inside the store now. They had all the necessary safety precautions in place. Great service as always.

Jesse G.

We had a really tough time getting our pool up and running this year. We had skipped opening last year due to financial constraints, so the pool was really dirty. Watercrafters was there every step of the way. It took about 6 weeks, and about 3 different approaches, but our pool is finally the crystal clear oasis I had been longing for. It was admittedly a frustrating process, but we could tell everyone at Watercrafters was really trying to help us and even pulled a few strings that they didn't have to every once in a while. I definitely intend to keep using them for all of our pool maintenance needs!

Kala H.

Helpful and knowledgeable staff. You can even bring in your pool water and have them test it for you. Then they will let you know exactly what you need to do to get your pool looking as clear and blue as possible.

Kavian K.

Always helpful, friendly, and fast.

Lauren E.

Anything you need to know about your pool or exterior pool surrounding these guys are Beyond experts!!! everyone that works there is very knowledgeable very helpful and they can tell you exactly what you need for a healthy pool and good equipment!!

Yiani B.

Great People!  Great Service!  Very knowledgeable and helpful staff.  Just had them rebuild our system and could not be happier with the installation and professional team.

Sandy H.

Great service

Brett L.

Have been going there for years, they know how to get your pool water clear.

Ken W.

Will take care of your pool needs.

Frank S.

Great customer service, very knowledgeable about water service and fair pricing. I've been going there for over 15 years, great support and interest in my pool and it's health. Never been treated badly.

Roger G.

I highly recommend! Great People!  Great Service!  Very knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Joshua R.

I've been using their services for 21 years. All the employees seem to be well trained, and very cheerful and very good at remembering my name and pool particulars. I never feel rushed. They always take time to explain things and are very helpful with suggestions. I use them for my pool as well as got the chemicals for our hot tub.

Michael B.

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff.  They are willing to take their time to educate me and explain what I need to do.  They truly care which is why I always go to them with any questions.

David W.

Potomac, MD

Watercraft's is amazing from start to finish! They truly took care of us like we were family. This entire season they were very patient and informative. The opened our swamp and scrubbed it until it looked brand new! Then they helped us maintain our water all summer with the greatest of ease! The members of the Watercraft's family are so polite and respectful! They always go the extra mile. Now the season is over, and here they are again to close my pool, explain some more things to me. Watercrafts is the most patient and respectful Company that I've ever worked with, and I am looking forward  to working with them again next year. Enjoy your winter see you next May!

Aarynne G.

Rockville, MD

Great customer service. Staff is well trained and friendly. They do nice work. They also have a retail store where you can walk in and bring in a water sample to get tested, get recommendations etc...

Joseph P.

Rockville, MD

This company is a main reason why we as home owners are comfortable owning a pool; this is a truly family ran operation, that cares about its employees, but certainly too, about its customers. This is evident by the fact that the company offers pool school. Yes, a FREE pool school, to help their customers understand the basics about pool maintenance and operations.  

On top of that, their in-store service has always been top-notch, this is not your run-off-the-mill pool store. This is a pool store that cares about your pool and wants to make sure your pool looks fantastic, without spending $$ on trial and error. Easy-to-follow instructions accompany your pool water sample, which detail how to get your pool in great shape.

Their crew, which has opened and closed our pool for the past six (!!) seasons, is knowledgeable, friendly and never afraid to a) tell you the truth about certain parts that need replacement soon and b) provide you tips on how to get your pool looking great in no-time.

Michael W.

Rockville, MD

We just completed a major renovation on a large pool From top to bottom. Everything went well. The Company is friendly and also professional. Subcontractor's craftsmanship and professionalism was also reflective of Watercrafters. The overall design is beautiful. I would definitely use them again.

Karen P.

great customer service always greeted with a smile. Employees are trained well and know how to get my pool crystal blue

Sarah S.

Excellent customer service! Facing a deadline for a double graduation ceremony, Howard made a third visit and we're ready now!

Karen W.

Excellent, honest customer service. Our families have been doing business with them for over 30 years. Owners know their business!

Kathy C.