Don't "Leaf" It Alone – Get the Leaves Out!

Did you know that leaves are bad for your swimming pool? They can potentially cause issues that can elevate your repair and maintenance costs for your pool. Not only can they cause trouble with your filtration lines, but also equipment damage. Save yourself the trouble—scoop them out or put a removable cover on your pool.

Remember that leaves tend to fall in quantities, and it only takes a few to restrict the flow of water and reducing your pool’s equipment efficiency. Also, it is possible for your plumbing lines to become clogged if the leaves have become lodged and left unmanaged. A partially or complete blockage will cause your pump motor to work overtime and possibly burn out the equipment. The stress on the system will increase your energy cost as well as damage your equipment.

Leaves are organic matter produced by nature, and as they begin to decompose in the pool water, they release minerals and oil such as large amounts of phosphates into your water. Phosphates are algae food and can promote the growth of algae spores. Once this is introduced into your pool it will take time and money to remedy the issue. You will need extra chemicals and cleaning to get your water balanced which means more time until you can safely close your pool.

It is essential to optimize the flow of water through your filter, allow your pool equipment to remove debris and bacteria, and keep your pool water clean and balanced. Watercrafters can help you take care of your pool and keep your water safe, clean and healthy all year round. “Leaf” the worry to us–Call us today and ask about our maintenance plans.

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