Reduce Chlorine Usage

2021 has seen a great challenge with the surge for chlorine need in 2020, and the shortage of chlorine related products. These are unprecedented demands and supply cannot keep up for the upcoming year. When COVID hit in 2020 the chlorine industry was challenged with manufacturing plant shutdowns, cleaning related product supply need increases, and the spike of pool installations. THEN… the third largest supplier of the country’s chlorine was hit with a massive fire in its Louisiana plant. Therefore, this is the time to learn to reduce our reliance on chlorine for the current pool season.
Salt Chlorine Generators
These highly effective systems are very popular if you want to replace chlorine. They sanitize, create softer water and eliminate the chloramine odor.
How do they work? Salt (NaCl) passes through a salt cell where it receives an electric charge, breaking it down and releasing (Cl) chlorine. Tada… this practically eliminates the need for you to drop tabs or granulated chlorine in your pool. You may find the need to continue to shock your pool to increase the longevity of the salt cell. However, to keep your pool water optimized, the salt cell will need to be replaced every 5 to 9 years.
Swim in silk with one of the salt cell systems Watercrafters offers. Choose from Intellichlor IC40 (other sizes available) or Jandy’s TruClear Salt Chlorinator for an energy-efficient solution.
Mineral Sanitizers
Mineral systems are easy to maintain and use such minerals as copper, silver, zinc and limestone to sanitize and stabilize your pool’s water. Copper and silver help reduce chlorine levels by controlling contaminants, killing bacteria and inhibiting algae growth. Zinc is often included to enhance the antibacterial efforts, and limestone absorbs chlorine acid, thus maintaining a neutral and stable pH level in your pool’s water. These systems can help reduce chlorine consumption up to 50%.
Ask about the Nature2 Fusion system with the eco-friendly mineral sanitizing filtration system.
Ozone (O3)
O3 Generators work hard to provide super sanitized water and significantly reduces chemical usage. They work as a powerful oxidizer, thus stronger than chlorine in preventing scaling and destroying contaminants—making the water softer too! This sanitization system kills and inactivates viruses, parasites and bacteria.
How do they work? Ozone is generated on site through a water circulation system. O3 molecules are stabilized by attaching to debris while oxidizing in the process, then returned to the pool. When the water is returned there will be little to none O3 present, and what is remaining is at a very low and very safe concentration.
Consider a unique and revolutionary water treatment with Oxygen Pools OXY40A system.
• Oxygen Pools Dynamic Oxygen Generator using Formula O – Swim in liquid air with this oxygen-based water treatment system. By injecting O3 at a high velocity, it creates a direct oxidation of contaminants and creating dissolved oxygen in the water. At this point a safe level of hydrogen peroxide is used and a non-chlorine shock treatment (Formula O). The system is EPA registered and you can swim in minutes after dosing the additives to the system.
Ultra-Violet (UV) Light
Interested in reducing your chlorine usage by about 50%? The UV light may be an option for your pool. The light reduces the pool water’s dependance on chlorine by breaking down chloramines and preventing the growth of micro-organisms.
How does it work? The water flows through the filtration system and then through the UV light rays. The UV light deactivates viruses, bacteria, algae and other contaminants as it flows past the rays. The light alters the DNA of the contaminants and they destroy them. There is no danger of exposure as the light is contained in a housing unit. This system is low maintenance.
Neutralize harmful bacteria while using less chlorine with Pentair’s Bioshield UV Sterilizer. The Bioshield includes a three-year warranty when purchased from Watercrafters.
Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)
AOP = O3 + UV This system wallops a punch when it comes to alternative sanitation tools for pools. Providing a triple oxidation process and UV light breakdown, it makes this process a heavy fighter combined with only a small amount of chlorine usage.
How does it work? When the O3 water is hit by the UV rays it creates hydroxyl radicals (OH), and this destroys 99.9% of bacterial, viruses, pathogens and contaminates.

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