Are these new variable speed pumps and motors REALLY that energy efficient?

Yes, they REALLY are.

We were all stunned to learn that, with the exception of your HVAC system, your pool pump is the largest energy consumer in your home. Once we reviewed the actual numbers we were astounded to see how much money somebody could save by upgrading to a new variable speed pump.

For example: A traditional 1hp pump running 12 hours a day costs about $92 a month. If you are running it 24hours a day, it can cost almost $200 a month!! And the larger the pump, the more energy it uses. But our Intelliflo2VST, SuperFlo and FloPro pumps use a new variable-speed magnetic-drive technology that is designed to run at a much more efficiently. In fact, a properly programmed variable-speed pump on a typical 25,000 gallon pool would only cost about $7.50 per month to run!! So over the course of a 5 month swimming season, that amounts savings of over $400 that you are not sending to the electric company.

Let us show you the math. Come by one of our stores and ask for a demonstration and mini-energy audit form.