Is It Time To Replace Your Old Safety Cover?

Depending on the manufacturer, you can expect 8-15 years of life from your safety cover. If your cover is older than that or if it is too fargone (like the one above), it likely will need replacing instead of repairing. Fortunately, that process is easy. If you have a Loop-Loc Cover and know your original

order number or the year of purchase, Loop-Loc can reproduce your cover for you without ever seeing your old cover. Call us with that information and we will arrange an estimate. If LoopLoc cannot find your original template, we can create one for them. Your new cover will line up closely with your existing anchors, minimizing reinstallation costs.

If you think your cover is repairable, we can ship it to LoopLoc for a repair estimate. (Shipping charges do apply.) Just clean the cover, remove the springs and deliver it to our Gaithersburg Store. This process takes 2-4 weeks for a quote and then another 2-4 weeks for repair, so don’t wait. Call 301-948-8111 for more details.