Why isn’t my Polaris working properly?

Why isn’t my Polaris working properly?

Usually, this is due to low flow. Empty your pump and skimmer baskets and then backwash your filter. If the screen on the Polaris wall fitting is clogged, that will also cause low flow to the cleaner. Disconnect the cleaner from the wall. Inside the wall fitting, there is a small mesh screen that needs to be cleaned periodically. Your problem can also be caused by the simple fact that the Polaris booster pump is not turned on or because your filter-pump is not turned on.

If you are still having problems, turn on the Polaris and watch the backup valve– the bulbous fitting about 3 feet from the unit’s head. Water should shoot out of this every 5 minutes or so. If it continuously flows from this fitting, then the backup valve needs to be replaced. Finally try turning the head on its side. Are all 3 wheels spinning? If not, the belts could be broken, or the unit could be clogged.

How do I disconnect the Polaris wall fitting?

Turn off both the pool pump and the Polaris pump. Visualize yourself in the pool. Grab the fitting, push it firmly towards the wall, turn it counter-clockwise. Lubricate the o-rings before replacing the fitting.

How often should I run my Polaris?

Run the Polaris for only 2-4 hours a day and then shut it off so that any dirt or debris that was stirred up can settle again. The Polaris will generally will not clean your steps. You will need to brush the steps periodically so that the debris can settle onto the floor where the Polaris can get it during its next cycle. Also, check the bag to make sure that it is securely sealed and has no holes. Otherwise, debris will continuously return to the pool after the unit has picked it up.


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