What is Pool Tonic and why do I want to use it?

Pool Tonic is a proprietary blend of phosphate remover and clarifier. Its active ingredients bind to orthophosphate and other contaminants so that they can be more easily filtered from the pool. It is used as a remedy for a “sick” pool– one that is dull or hazy or seems to have recurring problems. In a salt pool, Pool Tonic offers an extra level of protection for the generator cell by preventing phosphate-scale buildup on the cell plates. Carbonate scale is the most common type of scale that damages chlorine generator cells, but phosphate-based scale can also be a problem.

Besides reducing phosphate levels, Pool Tonic is also an awesome clarifier. After killing an algae bloom, pools often turn cloudy. Pool Tonic will combine with dead algae and will quickly restore water clarity. Pool Tonic also combines with things such as pollution, pollen, dust, skin oils, lotions, hair products, and pet dander. All of these uncontrollable contaminants can dull water and tie up your chlorine. By filtering them out, your pool will look clearer and your chlorine can do its job better…. things like killing bacteria and preventing those algae blooms.

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