We carry top of the line equipment from Pentair, Jandy and Polaris to fulfill all your pool needs, and our expert professionals can recommend the best product for your pool and lifestyle. Should any of your pool equipment need repair, our techs service all major equipment brands. Bring us your problem and we’ll find a solution.

Filtration Equipment (Pumps & Filters)

FloPro, Superflo, and Intelliflo Pumps

Jandy and Pentair pumps feature extra-large baskets, big performance and easy access. We have standard pumps available such as Whisperflo and Superflo. But if you want to save HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS off your electric bill each season, ask about the FloPro & IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pumps for maximum energy efficiency.

DE Filters are the most efficient filtering systems available, filtering even the smallest particles, including body oils and pollen. The proven FNS DE Filter features a multiport valve for easy backwashing and vacuuming. A band clamp makes access to grids quick and simple.

Cartridge Filters are designed to effectively remove debris and keep your water clear with even the lowest pump speeds. Cleaning is usually done just a couple times a season and it couldn’t be easier. The Clean & Clear Filter is easy to use, just open the top, remove the cartridges and hose them off. And because there’s no backwashing you save water, a precious resource.

Sand Filters are an economical and proven system for keeping your pool clean. Tagelus Sand Filters features a top-mount multiport valve which makes backwashing and vacuuming easier than ever. Make your new sand filter dramatically more efficient with Watercrafters’ FREE upgrade to  BrightLine Glass Media. It’s a high-tech improvement to keep your pool cleaner and clearer.


Energy Efficient Pool Heaters
You wouldn’t swim in a dirty pool. Why are swimming in a cold one? Enjoy all the fun of an extended swimming season by letting Watercrafters install a new pool heater for you. It’s the fastest way to spend more time in your pool.

MasterTemp Gas Heater by Pentair will heat your pool fast and efficiently. It’s reliable and compact. But most importantly it uses state-of-the-art technology for best of class efficiency and reduced emissions. It’s much more environmentally friendly and wallet-friendly than other heaters built on decade-old technologies.

UltraTemp Heat Pump With today’s energy costs, there’s never been a better time to invest in the newest technology of an energy efficient Pentair Heat Pump. The UltraTemp converts the warmth of the air into heated pool water at a fraction of the costs compared to gas or oil pool heaters. Save as much as 80% on operating costs compared to other methods.

Remember, a pool heater always works better when used with a solar blanket.


Watercrafters offers a variety of cleaners available for all different types of pools and budgets.

Polaris 3900 – Experience built it, style defines it. The Polaris 3900 Sport is built on the Polaris expertise and is the most technologically advanced pool cleaner. It features a Posi-Drive all-wheel drive system with 50% more torque, an extra-large 5 liter capacity double bag with an easy twist-lock connector, and a stainless-steel drive chain With its sleek body design, it’s got the sharpest look of any cleaner on the market. Ask about the current rebate and extended warranty offers from Polaris.

Polaris TR35P – The Polaris TR35P is an advanced pressure side cleaner that works in all in-ground pools using a booster pump. Ask about Watercrafters’ Trade-In offer.

Polaris 360 – The Polaris 360 is the most advanced pressure side cleaner that does not require a booster pump. It is the perfect upgrade to a Jandy Rayvac. Ask about the $50 manufacturer’s rebate from Polaris.

Robotics – Polaris 8050, 9450, 9550

Polaris Robotics feature Vortex Vacuum Technology to pick up larger debris more quickly. No installation is required and the Easy Lift system and storage cart make it easier than ever to get your pool clean. The large, top-load canister captures 4 times the debris of other cleaners and is easy to access. Just shake out the debris and give it a quick hose; no need to touch the yucky stuff on the inside.

The Polaris Robotic 9450 and 9650IQ feature 4-wheel drive, a programmable timer and a 2 year warranty that is extended to 3 years when you purchase from Watercrafters.

Zodiac MX8-Elite – The MX8-Elite is the first suction pool cleaner with cyclonic scrubbing brushes for thorough cleaning of stuck-on debris from pool surfaces. Quick and easy setup– just attaches to your skimmer and you’re ready to clean!

$125 Manufacturer’s Rebate through September 5th.

BONUS OFFER: FREE Cyclonic Leaf Catcher with MX8-Elite purchase made May 15th through July 4th.

Click here to play Leaf Catcher video. 


Jandy Aqualink Adjust pool and spa temperatures, turn on water features and lights, adjust sanitizer generation, and much more, with the touch of a button. AquaLink systems integrate premium design ingenuity, style, and ease of use for the ultimate pool/spa automation experience.

Jandy’s iAqualink device lets you control the pool from your smart phone, tablet, or computer. Using the free iAqualink app for your web-connected device, you can control all the elements of your system even when you’re on the go.


The Jandy TruClear Salt Chlorinator makes chlorinating your pool as easy as adjusting the thermostat in your home. The TruClear electronic chlorine generator (ECG) takes pure salt and converts it to chlorine… every day, every hour that the pool is running. No more remembering to add sticks to your skimmers or tabs to your feeder. Just top off the salt levels in the pool once or twice a season and set the output level on the device. Constant chlorination not only means constant protection from bacteria and algae, it also means cleaner, clearer water. (IntelliChlor generators by Pentair also available.)

Nature2 Fusion is a both a mineral and chlorine feeder. The Fusion is the ultimate low-chlorine alternative for sanitizing in-ground pools. Its revolutionary combination of Nature2 mineral technology and an automatic chlorine tablet feeder allows you to spend more time enjoying your pool and less time maintaining it. The Nature2 mineral technology works with low levels of chlorine to keep your pool water clean and clear.

Hayward Chlorinators Efficient and maintenance-free, these durable, corrosion-proof automatic chlorinators are an ideal way to keep your pool properly chlorinated.

Safety Covers

Loop Loc Safety Covers Don’t be fooled by imitations. Only a genuine Loop-Loc gives you the unmatched beauty, fit, strength and safety that you expect. Your cover can be custom made to the exact size and shape of your pool and is even available in designer colors or with custom designs. It’s both practical and attractive. Loop-Loc Mesh covers let water pass through, but are strong enough to protect your entire family. The cover stays dry so leaves and debris simply blow away. The Ultra-Loc-Solid Cover is the only solid cover good enough to carry the Loop-Loc name. Each cover is built with two drain panels that are positioned to promote maximum drainage while keeping out most silt and sunlight.

Contact us for a free estimate– 301-948-8111 or info@watercrafters.com

Safety Fences

GLI Protect-A-Pool Fence – The GLI Protect-A-Pool removable Fence is an easy and reliable way to protect children and pets around your pool It offers lasting peace of mind and attractive protection. After the transparent mesh fence is installed around your pool, the fence remains in place as a barrier until an adult unlatches it to provide access to the pool. It can be completely removed or reinstalled in minutes if you are having a pool party.