Our service department is staffed by trained professionals. All of our technicians are APSP certified and attend APSP and vendor training schools throughout the Winter. Continuous education is a priority of Contemporary Watercrafters so that we can offer our customers the newest technologies and the best service possible.

Pool Openings

Basic Start Up $335

Your pool is put into operating condition. Contemporary Watercrafters will provide and add an initial chlorine shock. We will give you a pool service report advising you on the total condition of your pool. We will evaluate your system and advise you of any problems. The following services will also be performed as needed:

  • Install gauges, plugs & baskets
  • Test heater
  • Assemble automatic cleaner
  • Install ladders & rails
  • Perform basic water test
  • Balance water with your chemicals
  • Provide and add initial chlorine shock treatment
  • Pool service report

Pool Cover Removal

Cover is hosed thoroughly, removed and folded, and stored per your request. Stow-Away vinyl preservative is applied to help protect your solid cover.

  • Loop-Loc, Meyco, or Other Mesh Safety Cover Removal $100
  • Loc-Solid, Vinyl, Poly or Other Solid Cover Removal $150
  • Thorough Scrubbing of Solid cover w/ Stowaway $100
  • Vacuuming $90 per ½ hour
  • Pool/Spa Combo surcharge $25
  • Raised Wall Cover surcharge $25

*Water must be raised to operating level prior to service to avoid follow-up rates.

Pool Closings

Protect your pool from freeze damage. Choose the plan that’s right for you.

PLAN A:    
Complete Closing With Cover – $425

  • Lower water level as needed
  • Backwash filter and/or hose off elements
  • Remove water from underground pipes and apply antifreeze as needed
  • Winterize filtration equipment, heater, cleaner, etc.
  • Install customer’s freeze plugs
  • Provide a pool service report and Contemporary Watercrafters’ Winter Warranty
  • Remove and store ladders, rails, and automatic pool cleaner as requested
  • Provide and add winter chemical kit featuring Winter Algaecide from BioGuard
  • Install customer’s pool cover

PLAN B:    
Complete Closing No Cover – $365

  • Same as PLAN A except customer installs cover.

PLAN C:     
Blowout Underground Lines Only – $295

  • Lower water level as needed
  • Remove water from underground pipes and add antifreeze as needed
  • Backwash filter and/or hose off elements
  • Winterize filtration equipment
  • Install customer’s freeze plugs
  • Provide a pool service report and Contemporary Watercrafters’ Winter Warranty

NOTE: Diving board is NOT removed as part of winterization plans


Vacuuming/Leafmastering $90/half-hr at time of closing
Surcharge: Winterization Pool-Spa Combo $25
Surcharge: Winterization of pop-up cleaning system $50/head (max $100)
Winterization of second filter system $50
Removal of pump motor $30 each
Surcharge: Raised Wall Cover Install $25
Surcharge: Cover Install Requiring Boat/Raft $50
Anchor Replacement/Repair $10 per anchor
Automatic cover pump- 1700gph automatic on/off $249
Off-season Polaris overhaul $80+parts
Off-season grid/cartridge cleaning & repair $80+parts
Scale Inhibitor $24
Booster Kit (Mid-Winter Chemical Treatment) $30
Extra chemicals for pools over 25×45 $40

Vacation Service

$120/visit plus chemicals

Going on holiday with the family? Let Contemporary Watercrafters check on things poolside. Our crew will (as needed):

  • empty skimmer and pump baskets,
  • backwash your filter,
  • test your water and add your chemicals,
  • and vacuum up to ½ hour.

You’ll come home to a beautiful backyard retreat.

Winter Services


Two on-site visits over the course of the winter with shock treatments at each visit. The crew will perform the following services as needed:

  • Remove debris from top of cover
  • Provide and add off-season shock treatments to pools w/ mesh cover
  • Up to ½ hour of water and/or leaf removal from solid cover
  • Inspect and replace watertubes (additional charge for tubes)
  • Adjust cover and/or spring tension
  • Test pH and adjust with customer’s chemicals
  • Lower water level to 12” below skimmer
  • Adjust cover and/or spring tension
  • Blow off deck
  • General site inspection and notify customer of any potential issues
  • Services are prepaid at signup

Weekly Service


$110-$150/visit includes all maintenance and balancing chemicals*

Let the professionals at Contemporary Watercrafters take care of your pool the right way so you’ll have more time to enjoy it. Every week we’ll come and do the following as needed:

  • Vacuum pool as needed with portable vac.
  • Test and adjust water chemistry and add chemicals.
  • Brush walls, and skim pool surface.
  • Empty skimmer baskets.
  • Bucket off deck area.
  • Empty cleaner of any debris.
  • Check over and test heater function.
  • Backwash or clean filter as needed.
  • Leave a detailed note of what was done that day.

We want to make your poolside living as easy and worry free as possible. So, every month, we’ll also pull a water sample for a computerized water analysis and then we’ll adjust your chemical balance as needed to protect your investment and keep your pool looking great. All maintenance and balancing chemicals are included*; we’ll provide them right off our trucks so you won’t need to store them or provide access to them. We’ll also give you priority for scheduling your opening and your closing as well as any other repair work you need. The only thing you’ll have to do this summer is enjoy your beautiful pool.

Space is limited so contract early.

*Specialty products such as Optimizer, chlorine demand treatments, stain & scale treatments, and Nature2 cartridges are not included.

Equipment Repair

Properly operating equipment is just as important as proper water chemistry. Contemporary Watercrafters’ technicians work on almost all types of pool equipment. Among the many brands that we service regularly are:

HeatersPentair, Jandy,, Raypak, Sta-Rite, & Teledyne-Laars

FiltersAmerican Products, Pac-Fab, Anthony, Purex, Zodiac, Baker-Hydro, Hayward, Jacuzzi Bros., Pac-Fab, Purex-Triton, Seablue (if you have one of these, it’s older than dirt), Sta-rite, Swimquip, & Wet Institute

PumpsAmerican Products, Pentair, Zodiac, Jandy, Anthony, Hayward, Jacuzzi Bros., Polaris, Purex-Triton, & Sta-rite

Automatic CleanersBarracuda (with only 1 moving part, not much to fix here), Jandy Rayovac (this may be a good time to upgrade to a Polaris 360), Polaris, & Letro

ControlsCompool, Pentair- Easy Touch, IntelliTouch & Jandy – IAqualink

Feeders/ChlorinatorsMineral Springs (the easiest way to treat your pool), Intellichlor Salt Generator, Caribbean Clear (we usually recommend removing ionators instead of fixing them), Hayward, Nature2 (there’s really nothing to repair on these), Fusion, AquaPure, Aqua-Rite, TruClear.