We are a Platinum BioGuard® dealer. Tested and proven effective, BioGuard products are known for delivering reliable results and making pool care less complex.

Free Computerized Water Analysis

Bring your pool to Watercrafters for a complete analysis to protect your pool and equipment and keep your pool looking brilliant all summer long. Just 1 quart of pool water in a clean glass or plastic container is all we need to check your water balance and maintenance chemical levels. Bring an inventory of the chemicals you already have so we can guide you through the process of bringing your pool into balance.

Have your water tested at least 3 times a season:


At the beginning of the season, it is important to verify that your water is still in balance after sitting dormant all winter. After you have opened your pool, let it circulate at least 48 hours or more and then bring us a sample.


In the middle of the season, bring us a sample so we can see how things are going. Bouts with algae or excessive rain can affect water balance. Let us make sure that you are still on-track.


Before you close your pool, make sure your it is in balance. You do not want to let your pool sit all winter if your water chemistry is incorrect. Have a winter analysis done 5-10 days before you close your pool.