What is Optimizer Plus and why do I want to use it?

Optimizer Plus is a new and unique product that “optimizes” the performance of the chemicals in your pool water, suppresses algae growth, and makes swimming more comfortable for your skin and eyes, all at the same time. Few products can offer so many benefits all at once.

Optimizer Plus increases sanitizer efficiency in all types of pools. It also improves the buffering in pool water making it easier to maintain the proper water balance for the protection of equipment and pool surface. Your pH will be easier to maintain and your water will have a smooth and gentle feel to it.

Besides making your chemicals work better, Optimizer Plus is also an algae suppressant, preventing algae growth before it has a chance to make your water unswimmable. The improved performance of your chemicals means that typical problems rarely get out of control.

Optimizer Plus is a compound called sodium tetraborate pentahydrate. When added to a chlorine, bromine or SoftSwim pool, the results are phenomenal! So phenomenal that this formulation has also been used as a bath conditioner. This borate-based product provides a smooth and gentle feel to the water, enhancing water quality and increasing overall comfort by reducing skin and eye irritation.

You generally only have to add Optimizer Plus once a season. The benefits of using Optimizer Plus in your pool are long lasting. Once the proper level of Optimizer Plus is established, only draining, backwashing and splashout will result in a need to add more. In fact, if your levels are adequate when you close your pool, Optimizer Plus will keep working throughout the Winter.

Pools that have been treated with Optimizer Plus have exceptional water clarity and a dazzling sparkle that you will definitely notice. But most importantly, pools using Optimizer Plus are easier to take care of, and that’s the point– to find technologies that make caring for your pool easier.