Chlorine is more effective and mitigated when your pool water is kept balanced. Preventative algaecides inhibit algae, and water enhancers improve overall water quality as well as eradicate contaminants that would otherwise seize chlorine’s sanitizing focus. Make sure to brush and vacuum regularly, maintain proper filtration (backwash, clean or replace cartridges as needed), bring in your water for accurate testing (proper balancing = essential sanitization), and shock your pool as needed. These simple processes will maximize the chlorine’s effectiveness, thus reducing the amounts needed and providing you with a safe, clean pool!
Help your chlorine with the workload by making the following specialty chemicals part of your pool maintenance. We suggest talking to one of our retail team water specialists to discuss what is best for your pool before treating!

  • Algaecides – Stop or prevent algae grown, thus reducing the demand for chlorine. In a pool with live, active algae, there is usually very little free chlorine present in the water to fight off the algae. Help stop the battle before it starts! We offer great algaecides for weekly and/or combating doses such as BioGuard’s Algae All, Backup and Algae Complete, Poolife’s Algae Ban 2 or Defend+.
  • Borates – Borate products help to keep pool water’s chlorine consumption down and provide a better quality of pool water by balancing the pH within a target range, thus preventing scale and corrosion. Borates are, also, algaestats (algae preventatives). Try BioGuard’s Optimizer to keep the water balanced, soft and soothing. Don’t go another season without it! Optimizer improves water clarity, comfort and balancing efficiency.
  • Natural Enzymes – Conserve your chlorine with the enzyme approach. Enzymes help free up more chlorine for its effectiveness of disinfecting and sanitization by attacking and breaking down oils in the water. Ask about our Poolife Enzyme , Bioguard Pool Tonic and Jack’s Magic enzyme products to enhance your water and preserve chlorine.
  • Phosphate Removers – Phosphates are algae food, and an excess will turn your water cloudy and green—a hindrance for your chlorine’s exertion. If you suspect you have phosphates, please make sure to mention this to our retail team when you bring your water in for FREE, professional testing by our ALEX water system. If your team specialist recommends a remover, try Poolife Phosphate Remover or Natural Chemistry Phosphate Remover after you backwash your pool.
  • Solar Covers & Liquid Solar – Another way to block the sun’s UV rays from evaporating your pool’s chlorine is covering it with a solar cover. Not only will the solar cover keep the chlorine and chemical evaporation down, but it will also naturally heat your pool, cut down on energy and water consumption/evaporation. These blankets/covers help you save in many ways. Another option is Smart Shield by BioGuard which works as a chemical solar blanket, in a non-toxic and environmentally safe way—a molecular block of the evaporation of chlorine.
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by options and information. We are always here to help you with all of your pool needs. Call or stop in today to discuss what equipment or chemicals may be the best options for your pool and situation. Guessing is never the solution for your pool. It is essential to maintain a healthy pool, healthy swimmers and happy experiences. We offer online shopping for pickup or local deliveries. Pool season overwhelming you? Ask about our PoolCare Plus Weekly Maintenance plans.

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