Why Can't I Just Jump In My Pool?

When you open your pool, start the equipment, and add initial chemicals, this does not mean your pool is ready and healthy to use immediately upon opening. Every pool requires different time, chemical balancing and maintenance. Due to when the pool is opened, cover type (or lack of), winter maintenance (or lack of), dirt and debris on the deck and cover, algae growth, pollen, and filtration, a culmination of many factors will determine the readiness and length of treatment time until your pool is ready to invite swimming.

Watercrafters does everything we can to address your pool’s health and issues. However, there is no magic wand to take it from yellow or green to sparkling blue in a few hours. We have a few tricks up our sleeves and use superior chemicals and treatments. However, sometimes it takes time, patience, regular filter cleanings/changes, continued pool maintenance, and several treatments. Some pools are ready in a day, some in a week and some in a month (or two). Sometimes it can be frustrating, but we suggest you keep an open line of communication. Our certified pool technicians as well as our in-house retail team are available to assist you every step of the way. Do not be overwhelmed by the process–we are here to help you! If you need guidance with your chemical treatments, we provide free, professional water testing and analysis in our showroom. Our highly trained team members can get you on your way to the balance you need.

Guidelines for your pool’s health and longevity:

  • Maintain chlorine at 3ppm or higher
  • Maintain pH at 7.4 – 7.6
  • Multiple algae treatments may be necessary
  • Run the pool pump 24/7 until the pool is clear
  • If you have a variable speed pump, you may need to adjust speed and run times
  • Filter cleaning and/or backwash may need to be performed multiple times based on pressure gauge reading (make sure your pressure gauge is working)
  • Have water analyzed often during clean-up
  • Watercrafters prides itself with providing exceptional service and exemplary knowledge by keeping our staff trained and updated in pool technology and maintenance. We strive to keep you happy and healthy. Trust our team to keep you in the right direction. Call us today for your pool needs! 301-948-8111.

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