Why is it important to have an end-of-season water analysis?

Before you close your pool, it is important to have an end-of-season water analysis performed on your pool. Even though you will not be using the pool in the winter, it is still crucial to make sure the pool is in balance while it is dormant. In fact, it is even more important than when the pool is running, because you are not as likely to notice changes in water chemistry beneath your winter cover.

Watercrafters recommends that you have a complete Winter Water Analysis 5-10 days before you winterize your pool. Our water care team will perform a thorough analysis and provide you with a computerized printout that details exactly what you need to do to protect your pool and what order to do it in. We will analyze factors such as total alkalinity, calcium hardness, metals and pH. These all play an important part in protecting your pool’s finish, preventing staining and making sure that your winterizing chemicals work efficiently. We also verify your Optimizer level so that you can benefit from its algae protecting properties throughout the off-season.

Several newly plastered pools have experienced scaling over the past couple of winters, probably due to the warmer winters and frequent temperature fluctuations. Be sure to let us know if your plaster pool was built or was re-plastered within the last two years. If so, you will want to add Scale Inhibitor or Pool Closing Complete to help reduce the risk for this type of scaling.

Also, if your pool has algae or is cloudy, be sure to tell our team when you are having your water test done. You will want to correct this problem before you close.

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