Why is my auto cover not suggested to be used as a winter cover?

Auto covers in our Maryland area are great during the summer months, however during our winter months it can be very risky to use an auto cover as a winter cover. We can get large accumulations of rainwater and snow during the winter months, this along with freezing temperatures does not make the use of an auto cover over the winter ideal. Most auto cover manufacturer’s warranty does not cover damage caused by winter precipitation. Heavy snow or ice may cause serious damage by causing the cover to pull away from the track or tracks being pulled out from the coping or concrete.

To protect the longevity of your automatic cover it is recommended to retract open the auto cover and use a winter cover. Mesh and solid Loop-Loc safety covers are designed to withstand our winter weather conditions.

“A great alternative to using an automatic cover when winterizing your pool is to use a … mesh or solid safety cover. These covers are designed specifically to cover your pool during the winter months. They provide safety and peace of mind knowing that the pool is secure. It will also help keep dirt, leaves and debris out of the pool so less work is required to open the pool in the spring.” – CoverstarTM (an auto cover manufacturer)

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