Pool Renovations

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Brian Casey manages our Renovations Department.  He has been managing and performing pool renovations for the past 30 years.  His hands-on expertise allows Brian’s team to perform a level of quality that is unmatched in the area.  Brian will guide your project from start to finish. Our pool renovations teams specialize in tile and coping, caulking, plaster prep and plaster, tile and skimmer repairs, deck work, Loop Loc safety covers, and vinyl liner replacements.  We can help you revive your backyard and turn it into a relaxation oasis.

We offer free onsite consultation with our expert renovations team. Financing is also available.

Enhancing the appearance of your pool isn’t the only reason to give it an update. Watercrafters makes sure that your pool is safe by replacing old fixtures and plumbing, installing pool lighting and safety covers, and solving any drainage issues you may be experiencing.

Rejuvenate your pool with Watercrafters and give us a call today!

Tile & Coping

Coping installed around your swimming pool is professionally set in place and leveled. Tile is also carefully placed and leveled to the inside of your swimming pool, giving it a beautifully finished look.


Have you noticed that your pool’s plaster could use a little work? Is it chipping, cracking, or flaking off? Does it have streaks, stains, or discolorations? If so, now’s the time to fix it. Contact us today to get started on resurfacing your pool.

Vinyl Liner Replacement

The average vinyl liner may last anywhere from 7 to 15 years, but there will come a time when it will need to be replaced. Watercrafters has been replacing vinyl liners that are showing signs of wear, such as cracking, tearing, fading and staining for over 35 years.


Watercrafters has a large selection of deck surfaces and colors to make the perfect finish to suit your dream swimming pool area.


Caulking around your swimming pool is important for two reasons. The first reason being that caulking keeps water out of the joints, which in the winter can freeze and expand in the joint. This can eventually cause damage to the coping, beam, and eventually the tile.

Safety Covers

Safety Covers

Loop Loc Safety Covers - Don’t be fooled by imitations. Only a genuine Loop-Loc gives you the unmatched beauty, fit, strength and safety that you expect. Your cover can be custom made to the exact size and shape of your pool and is even available in designer colors or with custom designs. It’s both practical and attractive. Loop-Loc Mesh covers let water pass through, but are strong enough to protect your entire family. The cover stays dry so leaves and debris simply blow away. The Ultra-Loc-Solid Cover is the only solid cover good enough to carry the Loop-Loc name. Each cover is built with two drain panels that are positioned to promote maximum drainage while keeping out most silt and sunlight.

Safety Covers